Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where are you going to the Super Bowl to see?

Ah Super Bowl! My husband is an avid football fan, and most of Sunday was found in his chair in the living room at a time of day. We have a DVR, so that it does not broadcast times, a blessing for me because I do not want the day to football schedule. Every football fans reading this may think that as blasphemy, but we have rules in our house, one of them is planning a day around the football. Apart from the Super Bowl, if this rule goes right out the window.

Super Bowl is the holy grail of football, not only because it determines the winner of the playoffs, but because it has become one of the great festivals of the year for football fans "is" festival of the year. Many fans plan Bowl party next year before it is even more difficult. Do not take anything for female football fans, but the Super Bowl is the great day of male bonding throughout the year. It is a time to sit around, grilling, beer, popcorn fall to the ground and cries a lot.

I'm not a football fan, but I can participate in the Super Bowl. Someone has to drive my husband at home, and it is your time. Normally I do not see the game, but if we are with a friend, I will not visit other fans, so I did not interrupt the game or when we are in the vicinity of the city to go shopping. But if we use the Super Bowl at a sports bar, it is impossible not to "play the game." On

You are the host of the Super Bowl party, the easiest way to host parties throughout the year selected. Nothing special is needed for the game. Take a few chips in a bowl, a little beer and pop in the fridge, and be sure to see a screen big enough for all. The latter condition can be difficult for many of the retailers to join the party. If you are a 19 "screen probably played themselves, but if you have a flat screen 50 inches to win some followers may in his room.

What about tailgate parties? We live in Oregon, so the Super Bowl, and you definitely will not be done outside, but in Miami this year is a perfect setting for a tailgate party. Although it rains a single flag easily handle this problem. The back can be quite large, awning, chairs and flat-screen TV, or as simple as a camp chair next to his car. But it is a tailgate party is meant for the company and a lot of food, where each tries to outdo each other grilled specialties sufficient.

If you can afford and whether you're a fan big enough, can the people who are back on the road. You can at any time on a plane and be there for a few hours, or load the truck with all the paraphernalia of the game and reduced to a great weekend. Make sure carved a place to sleep, when the beer on the agenda.


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