Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where are you going to the Super Bowl to see?

Ah Super Bowl! My husband is an avid football fan, and most of Sunday was found in his chair in the living room at a time of day. We have a DVR, so that it does not broadcast times, a blessing for me because I do not want the day to football schedule. Every football fans reading this may think that as blasphemy, but we have rules in our house, one of them is planning a day around the football. Apart from the Super Bowl, if this rule goes right out the window.

Super Bowl is the holy grail of football, not only because it determines the winner of the playoffs, but because it has become one of the great festivals of the year for football fans "is" festival of the year. Many fans plan Bowl party next year before it is even more difficult. Do not take anything for female football fans, but the Super Bowl is the great day of male bonding throughout the year. It is a time to sit around, grilling, beer, popcorn fall to the ground and cries a lot.

I'm not a football fan, but I can participate in the Super Bowl. Someone has to drive my husband at home, and it is your time. Normally I do not see the game, but if we are with a friend, I will not visit other fans, so I did not interrupt the game or when we are in the vicinity of the city to go shopping. But if we use the Super Bowl at a sports bar, it is impossible not to "play the game." On

You are the host of the Super Bowl party, the easiest way to host parties throughout the year selected. Nothing special is needed for the game. Take a few chips in a bowl, a little beer and pop in the fridge, and be sure to see a screen big enough for all. The latter condition can be difficult for many of the retailers to join the party. If you are a 19 "screen probably played themselves, but if you have a flat screen 50 inches to win some followers may in his room.

What about tailgate parties? We live in Oregon, so the Super Bowl, and you definitely will not be done outside, but in Miami this year is a perfect setting for a tailgate party. Although it rains a single flag easily handle this problem. The back can be quite large, awning, chairs and flat-screen TV, or as simple as a camp chair next to his car. But it is a tailgate party is meant for the company and a lot of food, where each tries to outdo each other grilled specialties sufficient.

If you can afford and whether you're a fan big enough, can the people who are back on the road. You can at any time on a plane and be there for a few hours, or load the truck with all the paraphernalia of the game and reduced to a great weekend. Make sure carved a place to sleep, when the beer on the agenda.

Super Bowl Football Celebration Decorating Ideas

A Super Super Bowl Party, Super Bowl a couple of great decorating ideas for fans of WOW. End of January comes to an end, and the Super Bowl is approaching, we must look to establish a place where we spend our Sunday to the big game. If the house's place, it takes time to create an atmosphere that anyone be proud to see football on the big game.

Decorate your party in the colors of the teams playing in the Super Bowl. Decorate a buffet for painting white lines ten feet in a green plastic tablecloth to look including the establishment of posts at each end of the table like a real soccer field. The use of confetti in the form of soccer to spread on the table.

Illuminated cube ice in the ice for drinks in a variety of colors is a fun idea. Look for Football in the form of bowls or dishes in the form of a helmet for all their sandwiches. Use to decorate banners, posters and banners the wall. If you prefer, you can make your own Super Bowl pennants, cut triangles from the team colors of paper or felt. Loop paper chains around the room. Cut strips of team colors. Glue the strips into circles on each other. Changing colors in a pattern.

Another fun and easy to make wall decoration is a little sweater. Cut Shirt felt or paper forms. Glue small number of T-shirts and hang them on the chain to the room. For a sweet influence to bear T-pins to hold the string. Football fans will feel in the game with all the personal touches you put in the Super Bowl party.

Custom Koozies for Super Bowl Party

NFL Super Bowl fast approaching, and of course, means that all football fans are beginning to plan your Super Bowl parties. The beauty of these games are all there, eat, drink and have fun and watch soccer. If you receive one of these parties or if a you and wish that we favor one party, some ideas for you.

Obviously not perfect Super Bowl party would be complete without pizza, chicken wings chicken, fries, sauce and a delicious buffet of sandwich options. It also assumes that there will be plenty of cold beer and cold drinks. If you are hosting, you have the decoration and all products and board to consider. There is a lot of deserts as a decorative sheet cakes, cookies, candies and other sweets.

We have a suggestion about a little thing that you prefer your guests to a party that, to love and be able to use it again and again. You can even this as a tradition, the Super Bowl party host. These elements are actually split Koozies foam insulation is called hold your can of beer or soft drink fresh. If you serve beverages in bottles, you can also buy bottled Koozies.

There are many ways you can customize your party Koozies. The first option is to book your favorite colors, add the year, the Super Bowl number, the date with a front and back. You can also Huggers beer and only print on the front, that over the years, the date, game number and year, and perhaps the host name. You can go if you want, garnished with the names of each party guest, at your local craft store and buy furniture and add to it, or you can use them.

His football game is complete and hit a long as you have the right ingredients for good friends, good food, good drinks and the Super Bowl Koozies to have your drinks cold!

Super Bowl Fun Facts

Outside the chips, sauces, beer and a lot of antacids and get ready for Super Bowl Sunday! Whoa! Wait a minute, you say! In October alone - not for another 3 + months! Yes, it can not be true, but for those of you who do not know, this is the biggest party of the year. And believe it or not, as New Year's Eve, when people put their party in the coming months. Whether you are an avid football fan or not. It's a good excuse to stop by with friends, family, colleagues, that, and come!

So enjoy the rest of the NFL season, plan your Super Bowl party and eat in the events of the Super Bowl:

"2008 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots drew 97.5 million viewers, making it the second biggest event in U.S. television history, surpassed only by the end of the 1983-series MASH, which attracted 106 million viewers

"Super Bowl is to increase the second-biggest day of food consumption behind Thanksgiving and sales of antacids 20% the next day

"Sales of big screen TV with an increase of five times during the week of Super Bowl

"Super Bowl is the home of top event of the year, ahead of New Year's Eve

"The average number of participants for a Super Bowl party is 17

"Eaten estimated 14,500 tons of chips and 4,000 tons of popcorn on Super Bowl Sunday

"It is the most watched sporting event in the world. More than 100 million people worldwide watch the Super Bowl in

And last but not least, Super Bowl weekend is the slowest weekend of the year for weddings! Big surprise there.

In any case, hope your team has (how long it lasts) and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Bowl Advertising

Every year in the advertising industry is always that buzz around the Super Bowl. Together with the Oscars, are the most popular commercial rather than buy, because only a fraction (less than 2%) want to include the people, the event for later viewing. In general, do all the living and do not skip commercials, and really hope to see you! It is really the only reason my wife will see the Super Bowl. One of the biggest problems we have seen is that for most businesses really good with your ad, sometimes to the demise of the real brand, which usually want experience with traditional commercial information.

What I never understood the lack of online "support" these advertisers plan online. Advertising spend $ 2,500,000, but almost zero visibility when it comes to conveying the message online. Let me give you an example:

1. John Fan sitting on your couch. It's the fourth quarter, 1 minute has 30 seconds, the score is tied 21/21. The Pats call a timeout.

2. Commercial time! Toyota has an ad for the new power SUV oxygen. Example 4 girls in bikinis, driving the coast road with a little slogan at the end of the affirmation "I think it looks good. It's not something that is driven by oxygen." and ends with a website to promote "Come to []" to learn more about it.

3. John believes that the fans "holy $ h ^ t:" I need to know more about it, but I prefer to wait until the game is over.

4. The game returns to work, the Patriots missed a field goal from 22 yards and the Giants win in overtime on a lack of power.

5. John fan is broken. After waking from a nap drunk, he goes to his computer to read more about the power of fresh oxygen SUV.

6. Forget the URL of the site. No problem, he believes that Google will find it.

7. The species of the 'New Toyota

8. Results Camry pop everywhere.

9. The nature of the "oxygen-SUV."

10. Green-themed Web sites are everywhere.

11. Bored by the screens and take a nap.

12. Toyota has just lost John Fan.

It is pathetic is that if Toyota has used a lousy $ 10 - $ 20k on its U.S. $ 2.5 million U.S. dollars support Super Bowl ad, I would be much more effective.

Super Bowl advertisers! There is still time to maximize your advertising investment ... Give your local search marketing for a call.

Buy your tickets for the Super Bowl - Buyer Beware

There are a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to the Super Bowl. NFL Super Bowl once a year, and obviously has a great American pastime was. More people watch the Super Bowl on television than in any other sporting event.

If you are an avid football fan, so there is nothing in the game in person. But for the average Joe a deal could be difficult.

NFL has a picture of each year and selects a number of fans of the public. If you are lucky enough to get elected, you have the opportunity to buy two tickets. But not upset. The number of tickets is huge and tickets are limited. NFL does not disclose exactly how many cards have been distributed in this competition, but you can be sure that the demand exceeds by far.

If you are a celebrity and no effect on the inside, is the only other way to buy tickets on the secondary market. You will see many times face value to the best of the best face in the final.

presented with the huge demand and high prices of these notes, you should always beware of fraud. A single ticket billion dollars, should be aware of these fake notes printed.

There are some good opportunities, their ability to limit the fake tickets.

1. The best precaution is to buy the tickets from a friend. This is the only guarantee that you will buy tickets authentic.

2. eBay can be a good option if you are careful and research. Buying from a seller who has a long history of good response. eBay now requires sellers accept credit card payments or Paypal. So if something goes wrong, you have the opportunity to submit an application to your credit card company file.

3. Craigslist might be a good opportunity to find a lot of sales, but not the same level of protection for buyers on eBay. On Craigslist, sellers can remain anonymous and accept payments in cash. If Craigslist is found, you'll choose, I recommend that from a seller who accepts payment by credit card or PayPal purchase.

If the transaction over a thousand dollars, you can even ask the seller to give you a contract along with a copy of the license. In this way, if something goes wrong, you will not want to do with an anonymous buyer and civilian facilities continue.

NFL Super Bowl XLIV

Since 1997, the Land Shark Stadium hosted several football games, including two World Series and four Super Bowls. This is will be the fifth time the Landshark stage of the Super Bowl, and the ninth for the entire area of Miami hosts.

Super Bowl XLV will be officially opened on 6 February 2011 start. There will also be live on CBS. And because of its popularity, has always been regarded almost as a national holiday in the U.S.. Fans affectionately known case of Super Bowl Sunday. It is also the day when most families are to enjoy food and activities in and around the area. NFL season is almost as popular as Thanksgiving Day.

More than the championship itself, the halftime show at Super Bowl games also still pending. Many big stars have adorned the game over the jumps track in the first half. Among them, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Paula Abdul, Madonna and Tom Petty. For 2011 there are discussions that Bon Jovi will make the halftime show. However, there was Bruce Springsteen and his band was originally his willingness to do it half-time show is more likely to end up like the Super Bowl coming artists and a half.

It is one of the biggest events in 2011, the Super Bowl XLIV will be definitely a very busy Florida with all the tourists and fans travel to the place only to see their favorite game alive. As the designated host Tampa Bay was an "All Systems Go" alarm for the event. Although roads and transport is ready to take both locals and tourists to the stadium. Hotels and inns are all preparations for the event. The restaurants have their menu every so fast as now, the many hungry fans who are willing to join the fun, feed is corrected.

The Land Shark Stadium has a capacity of living of more than 65,000 and can hold up to 75,000 people if needed. The stadium has the best facilities, with 195 luxury suites are the best seats in the house. Watch your favorite game in a private room with bath, bar, TV screens, retractable screens and air conditioning.

To see the 2011 NFL Championship, better life is to ensure your parking ticket so early. With the number of people who can enjoy the big event with their families be difficult to get up tickets for the last time. To that point tickets for the Super Bowl XLV easily online and have them delivered to your home or planning for collection. Prior to the event were the prices and availability of these banknotes to change much.

What the Super Bowl success teaches us about brand

Did you watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? has over 100 million people. The game was entertaining to watch and funny. New Orleans won 31-17. Drew Brees, Saints quarterback was the most valuable player and he loved his country and take your child - who carried out the noise-canceling headphones - on the spot and carry it around after the game.

Bring the Super Bowl, because you can learn much about the brand itself. If you see the weeks before the Super Bowl, beat the big box retailers buying a new TV, better to see "big game". Supermarkets and delis, to promote his party trays for the big game. "That's because the Super Bowl is the crown jewel of the NFL, so they have registered. To the words" Super Bowl "in your ad, you must pay a fee to the NFL Light. Coors made. So, you have many Super Bowl on Coors Light commercial in recent weeks seen. Interestingly, the Coors Light can not run an ad during the game. M & M paid a fee. I am your ads love with M & M, on the conveyor belt in supermarket.

NFL is working hard to protect their brand Super Bowl. You have to work hard in order to cultivate, promote and protect their personal brand as well. Development and care for your unique personal brand is the first step in creating a positive personal impact.

I'm sure you know who I mean when I say that Shaq, Madonna and Bono. These are people, strong brands. However, the heights not only for athletes and celebrities. All successful people to create and to maintain their unique personal brand. Your brand is what others think of you. It is a combination of many things - what you represent, how they behave, how they dress, their online presence. Nature abhors a vacuum. If you are not aware of your brand, others do it for you.

How do you go about creating your personal brand, remember that a good brand will appeal not everyone. A brand that appeals to everyone is to vanilla. If a make Cherry Garcia, something that is uniquely you. A good brand will appeal to many people, but also off a certain percentage of the population.

Take my "Common Sense Guy" brand. Appeals to the many people. But some people seem "common sense", a "boy" to pedestrian and a little too familiar. Good. These people are probably not really interested in what I have to say and how I say it anyway.

There are two simple steps and common sense to create a strong personal brand.

1. Decide how you want people think of you. 2. Whatever it takes to they think that way.

If you choose to fire, the residence of the brand at all times. Be consistent and constant. Do what you can do to strengthen your brand. For example, all my words are "common sense" in them. I'm sure I've just noticed that each of my articles with a paragraph that begins: "The point here is common sense ..." I avoid long and complex analysis. I work hard to simplify the complex and offer simple, easy-to-implement tips from my customers. I use humor in my conversations - and often the peppers with the words - "After all, it is common sense, right?"

I work very hard for ever and ever place myself as someone who has common sense answers to the races every day and has questions of life success.

William Arruda, my friend and writer reads the Career Award ...

"Take the brand in everything you do. People with a strong personal brand to ensure that everything they do and all that surrounds you communicate your brand message."

The point here is simply common sense. Successful people create positive personal impact. Development and care for your unique personal brand is the first step in building your brand. Brand building needs work, but is conceptually simple. Two things to do. First, decide how you want people think of you. Then do what it takes to make you think Sun Your brand is important, and how the NFL, do everything to protect it and build it.

That's my opinion about the Super Bowl and personal branding. What is yours? Please take a minute to post a comment to share your thoughts with us by leaving on the feedback button in the upper right corner. Thanks for reading.