Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Bowl Advertising

Every year in the advertising industry is always that buzz around the Super Bowl. Together with the Oscars, are the most popular commercial rather than buy, because only a fraction (less than 2%) want to include the people, the event for later viewing. In general, do all the living and do not skip commercials, and really hope to see you! It is really the only reason my wife will see the Super Bowl. One of the biggest problems we have seen is that for most businesses really good with your ad, sometimes to the demise of the real brand, which usually want experience with traditional commercial information.

What I never understood the lack of online "support" these advertisers plan online. Advertising spend $ 2,500,000, but almost zero visibility when it comes to conveying the message online. Let me give you an example:

1. John Fan sitting on your couch. It's the fourth quarter, 1 minute has 30 seconds, the score is tied 21/21. The Pats call a timeout.

2. Commercial time! Toyota has an ad for the new power SUV oxygen. Example 4 girls in bikinis, driving the coast road with a little slogan at the end of the affirmation "I think it looks good. It's not something that is driven by oxygen." and ends with a website to promote "Come to []" to learn more about it.

3. John believes that the fans "holy $ h ^ t:" I need to know more about it, but I prefer to wait until the game is over.

4. The game returns to work, the Patriots missed a field goal from 22 yards and the Giants win in overtime on a lack of power.

5. John fan is broken. After waking from a nap drunk, he goes to his computer to read more about the power of fresh oxygen SUV.

6. Forget the URL of the site. No problem, he believes that Google will find it.

7. The species of the 'New Toyota

8. Results Camry pop everywhere.

9. The nature of the "oxygen-SUV."

10. Green-themed Web sites are everywhere.

11. Bored by the screens and take a nap.

12. Toyota has just lost John Fan.

It is pathetic is that if Toyota has used a lousy $ 10 - $ 20k on its U.S. $ 2.5 million U.S. dollars support Super Bowl ad, I would be much more effective.

Super Bowl advertisers! There is still time to maximize your advertising investment ... Give your local search marketing for a call.


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