Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super Bowl Football Celebration Decorating Ideas

A Super Super Bowl Party, Super Bowl a couple of great decorating ideas for fans of WOW. End of January comes to an end, and the Super Bowl is approaching, we must look to establish a place where we spend our Sunday to the big game. If the house's place, it takes time to create an atmosphere that anyone be proud to see football on the big game.

Decorate your party in the colors of the teams playing in the Super Bowl. Decorate a buffet for painting white lines ten feet in a green plastic tablecloth to look including the establishment of posts at each end of the table like a real soccer field. The use of confetti in the form of soccer to spread on the table.

Illuminated cube ice in the ice for drinks in a variety of colors is a fun idea. Look for Football in the form of bowls or dishes in the form of a helmet for all their sandwiches. Use to decorate banners, posters and banners the wall. If you prefer, you can make your own Super Bowl pennants, cut triangles from the team colors of paper or felt. Loop paper chains around the room. Cut strips of team colors. Glue the strips into circles on each other. Changing colors in a pattern.

Another fun and easy to make wall decoration is a little sweater. Cut Shirt felt or paper forms. Glue small number of T-shirts and hang them on the chain to the room. For a sweet influence to bear T-pins to hold the string. Football fans will feel in the game with all the personal touches you put in the Super Bowl party.


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